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Mindful Productivity Podcast

Jul 8, 2019

Michael Spencer is the founder of Let's Purify!, an online coaching business. She is a Home Energy Coach and Reiki practitioner who helps soulful people declutter their homes on a deep level through a spiritual method called Home Energy Purification. As a former mental health counselor with training as a Modern Day Priestess, Michael brings a wide variety of expertise to her services.

Michael is also the host of The Let's Purify! Podcast where she shares inspiration, tips, and stories designed to help people get crystal clear about their relationship with their belongings and what they choose to carry with them into the next phase of their life.

In this episode, Michael and I talk about what it means to purify your space, how items in our homes and work environments can impact productivity and some ways that you can begin to shift the energy of things around you to feel more at ease with what you own.